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Astrology - Know the answers for questions lingering in your mind...

Astrology dates back to Vedic ages and has its mention in ancient epics including Ramayana and Mahabharata. The eighteen sages namely Surya, Pitamahah, Vyasa, Vashishtha, Atree, Parasara, Kashyapa, Narada, Garga, Marichi, Manu, Angira, Lomasha, Paulisha, Chayavan, Yavana, Bhrigu and Saunaka have been recognized as creators of Astrology. There are three Skandhas or divisions of Astrology - Samhita, Hora and Sidhdhanta (Ganita). The prediction of happening in the life of a particular individual on the basis of his time and place of birth is studied as Hora Shastra. There are volumes of books still available on Hora Shastra writted by Sage Parasara and Sage Bhrigu.

Hence Vedic Astrology is ancient and is real. This question occurs because some of the current day astrologers do not apply all the concepts during prediction which may result in inaccurate predictions. Also, few other people "don't bother" about astrology or pretend not to be a believer of astrology in the context of having complete control of their lives.

All living beings are born to undergo the effect of their past life Karma. The Karma sets the boundaries i.e. whom individual is born to, individual's personality, education, surroundings, beliefs, health, wealth, family and other major events in life, which can be read through horoscope. The individual will be able to alter this boundary to a certain extent through his determination, hard work or free will, which is called Kriyamana Karma (present actions, fruit of which will be experienced in future). But, the boundaries set by Karma cannot be altered drastically. Eg: A normal person earning Rs 20,000 in a month can earn much more through his hard work and will become self satisfied with it. But without the support of Grahas/Birth chart, he cannot earn/save in millions or enjoy the fruits of fabulous wealth. Without the Support of Grahas, a normal person cannot become a multi-millionaire in one generation or become a popular politician or a cine star unless he is destined to be so.

Gems are super conductors of cosmic energy. Gem prescribed by an experienced Astrologer based on the native's horoscope will give the desired results provided it is original, pure with minimal blemish, untreated, is of astrological grade, is having desired weight based on horoscope, is passed through proper rituals and worn at proper timing based on horoscope.
Based on horoscope analysis, Gems are prescribed to increase the effects of positive result giving houses/planets which otherwise is not having sufficient bhava bala/graha sakthi or afflicted. For more details, refer to Section Learn Astrology - Gem Remedies

It is NOT good to wear gem stone of all the planets as the gems will include detrimental houses, maraka and bhadaka houses. Wearing nava graha gem stones will bring malefic effects due to the signification of detrimental houses and malefic planets.

Gem stones need not touch the body and have been found to be effective even from the distance of few inches. Generally gem stones are prescribed to be worn as rings in fingers of hands as most of the nerves ends in fingers.

Gem stones are prescribed to strengthen the effect of benefic houses if the house(s) does not have sufficient Bhava bala in natal chart. They are also prescribed to strengthen the effect of benefic planet(s) if in the birth chart, the benefic planet(s) is not having sufficient Graha sakthi.
Rudraksha remedies are prescribed to reduce the bad effects of malefic planets in the chart. For more details, refer to 11th and 12th topic in Learn Astrology Section.

Horary astrology is a branch of astrology where the questions are answered based on the position of planets during the judgement time by astrologer and based on the number between 1 to 249 given by the querant. The number forms the lagna known as horary lagna. Horary astrology is used to find answers to specific events in the life of individual like, will I get through the interview that is happening tomorrow?, what kind of crop can I grow in my new farm?, when will I get my apartment handed over? etc.. Also, those who feel that their birth time is not accurate can go for Horary astrology to get accurate answers.
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1. When you are facing tough time with your family, job or business
2. When you are obssessed and curious to know about certain outcome or event in your life
3. When you are making huge investment like buying a property, starting with new businesss etc.. it is advisable to check with astrologer to avoid adverse consequences
4. When you want to change your high profile job
5. When drastic changes happens in your life leading to unfortunate events
6. When you are getting married, check the natal chart of the couples for compatibility.
7. If you have prolonged health issues, delays in marriage or child birth, become a victim of black magic, delay in getting job.
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Starting own business has been a dream for many. However, it is advisable to consult an astrologer beforehand if you are planning to make significant financial investment in your new business. Astrology can throw light on aspects like, if you will be successful in business, if so what kind of business will suit you, what is a good dasha bukthi period to start your new venture, will doing a business in partnership mode be good for you or you should not have any business partners etc..
Starting a right business at wrong time can backfire and create delay in fructification of benefits. So always consult a good astrologer if you are venturing business in new areas.
Based on KP system of stellar astrology, if the 10th cusp analysis indicates 7th house, the individual can start business. The placement of Saturn is very important in success of business. If the 10th cusp analysis indicates 6th house, the individual will be better as salaried employee rather than owning a business.
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Based on KP system of stellar astrology, if the 5th cusp analysis indicates 7th house, the individual will be successful in love marriage. If the 5th cusp analysis indicates 6th house, the individual will walk out of relationship due to which marriage will not happen. If the 5th cusp analysis indicates 12th house, the partner will walk out of relationship due to which marriage will not happen.
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During certain periods, the planets "appears" to move backwards as seen from earth. This is Retrograde movement of planets. This appearance is due to relative movement of planets in the backdrop of asterisms(stars) along the zodiac as seen from Earth. However no planets actually move backwards in their orbits. Sun and Moon never retrograde.
Retrograde planets have specific significations in the Birth chart and Horary chart. Generally in Birth charts, retrograde planets tends to have opposite characters to what they naturally signify and hence brings in opposite results or delivers actual results in a much slower phase. This is just a generalized view, however deeper analysis of Birth Chart or Horary chart should be done to gauge the effect of retrograde planets.

Vedic astrology considers position of individual planets, houses and combination of planet placements in the Birth Chart and Navamsha chart for prediction.
Stellar Astrology considers division of Rashi/Sign in to 27 constellations or stars and emphasizes that any planet gives the results based on the star where it is located. Eg: If in a birth chart, Saturn is place in Revathi Star for which Start Lord is Mercury, Saturn will give the results based on the placement, ownership and conjunction of Mercury.
Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) system of stellar astrology further sub-divides the star into 9 unequal sub-divisions based on Vimsottari Dasha which is termed as Sub. For more details refer to 2nd topic in Learn Astrology Section

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