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Services Offered Frequently Asked Questions Numerology Learn Astrology Contact

Welcome to get Accurate Predictions through KP Astrology

You are at the right place, the one stop shop to get Astrological Analysis in different areas like Career, Education prospects, Birth date and time rectification, Marriage, Married life & Progeny/Child birth, Longevity, Relationships, Health, Wealth/Income, Property, Houses and any other life problems.

Don't have Horoscope? No worries!! Predictions to your queries will be made through KP Prashna analysis.

Have you wondered how the lives of twins born within just few minutes apart is completely different?!! Get the twins birth horoscope analyzed and know how they will be different in various aspects of life.

All Analysis and Predictions to your queries will be done through KP Astrology by Astrologer Santhosh Jeyadev.

Consultation type: Written predictions(email), 30 minute phone/skype consultation & followup through email
(Consultation will include suitable Remedial Guidance)

All Astrological consultations and Information will be kept confidential.

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Few words from Astrologer Santhosh Jeyadev:
Some of my past life incidents perfectly matched astrological predictions. This not only made me to get a strong belief in astrology, but also triggered my curiosity to learn astrology. I had learnt Vedic Astrology and Krishnamurty Phadadi (KP) system of Stellar Astrology. As I gained knowledge and started to predict, my curiosity became passion.

Now, I have been practicing this Divine Science of Astrology for the past few years. I get a great sense of fulfillment when I'm able to suggest astrological predictions and remedies to my customers at the time of their dire need. My goal is to practice Astrology for the benefit of humanity. Thank you all!!

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